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About Us


Hello!  My name is Marie Nutter. 


If you work or have worked within systems that regularly support humans in distress... I might be a good fit for you or your team. 


Through the practice of trauma-informed yoga + meditation... we'll navigate the mind-body effects of high stakes work, traumatic stress, or loss embedded in your career. 

As a pediatric operating room nurse and yoga instructor with trauma-sensitive training... I continue to be humbled by the people I work with + learn from every day.  



After many years professionally helping others, I struggled to find a healthy mind-body connection that could withstand the nature of what we do.

When I realized that this common work experience can happen to anyone despite best efforts, I began to move forward through this embodied practice of presence + choice.

Your choice of pace, breath, movement or rest... might help you slowly give back to yourself + the communities you serve.  

Photo Cred: Chad Holder

Marie is an incredible instructor.  Regardless of your experience, she will help support + strengthen your mind-body connection. 

Class Offerings


Why Trauma-Informed?

Because most of us have survived difficult events, performed through high levels of chronic stress, and endured different types of loss both on + off the clock. 

Your class should reflect that too.

Choose your class type, timeframe, and price point that works best for you or your team.

No hidden fees.


In person



Yoga Mat Class

Chair or Standing

Trauma Center

Trauma Sensitive Yoga


Reach out when you're ready.

Interested in trying a trauma-sensitive yoga or "TCTSY" stretch with me?

Click to watch or practice together with this 5 min video below.


** If paying attention to your environment, thoughts, body, or breath causes more harm than good, you're welcome to stop doing so altogether. **

Only you will know when a good time to check-in with yourself might be.


Love the pics on my site?  Me too.  Credit has been given for 2 where its due.  Please ask for consent before using the rest.  Enjoy as needed.  :-)

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