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from wonderful clients & friends


"I am a nurse in the operating room and also help lead the Periop 101 RN orientation program for MHealth Fairview. The operating room is one of the most high-stress specialties in the nursing field, and the training program is intense and fast-paced. In the final weeks of the program, we invite Marie in for a session with each group.

Using her highly skilled techniques, Marie provides us with an effective therapeutic exercise intended to help work through the stresses of learning a whole new world within their career, while still balancing home life. These skills can be implemented almost anywhere, at anytime making it truly accessible to even the busiest human. I hope to continue to collaborate with Marie!"

"I have had the privilege of working with Marie for several years in a Children's Hospital where she serves as the lead operating room nurse for pediatric neurosurgery.  The children, families, surgeons and other caregivers benefit greatly from Marie's strong work ethic, knowledge and experience.  Although the operating room can be a high-pressure and stressful environment, Marie's calm demeanor, positive energy and experience help bring focus to the room. She is an extremely important member of our team. Recently, she led a group of neurosurgeons through a breathing and mindfulness exercise to help us cope with loss.  Marie is truly multi-talented and we are fortunate to work with her every day!"

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"I currently own and operate a small ranch with cattle and horses in addition to working as a nurse in the operating room. I have trouble sitting still, and struggle to allow my body to relax and heal. I had the ultimate pleasure of having Marie out to the ranch. We found an amazing spot for some yoga and Marie was very patient with me as I have never done yoga before and have a hard time not moving. She took me step by step on how to breathe and relax. I have been in a different state of mind this past year and I still remember how she taught me to breathe and relax and I still use the teachings from Marie. I still have so many things to learn but I am looking forward to learning more from Marie." 

Photo Cred: goes to owner of this review + ranch

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Marie both through yoga classes and personally, so I know her attitude of self care extends beyond the mat, which I think is what makes her an exceptional yoga instructor. Each class she brings to the mat her attitude of self love and acceptance and uses it to guide through the movements, meeting each individual where they are at and encouraging introspectiveness and appreciation for ones own body and experiences. She has taught me to really pause and think about the moment, something my busy brain struggles with. She sets an environment that is warm and accepting, just like she is. Her classes really reflect how much thought, care, and passion she puts into her work."


"I am a beginner at yoga. I've taken a few classes here and there over the years, but never committed to a practice because it felt like a chore - like another something I had to try in order to fight my own lack of fitness. In taking classes from Marie, the concept of partnering with my own body instead of fighting against it finally made sense. My only responsibility was to listen to what my own body was telling me. Marie is great at fostering an inclusive, relaxed environment that provides a healthy level of challenge without undue pressure to perform."  

"Yoga with Marie brings a much needed pause to a busy life. Her soothing voice and music guide you through each pose. Mindful reflection and intention are present throughout class. A sense of calm stays with you after class is complete."


There will be no amount of referrals, reviews, likes, success or money that will convince you to be ready to face our work within.  The skill of attempting to be present in our mind or body may not be for the faint of heart.


  This isn't a challenge to prove who can withstand + endure hardship.  In fact, if you're reading this, I already know that's something you can do very well. 


This is an opportunity to let go of some of the things from our professional work that might have taken hold or made a home within our personal lives.  With time, patience, practice + support in reach, anything is possible.

Best of luck!


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