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Origin Story

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What can I say?  I'm a bit of a walking cliche.  


"MNyoga" was born from a place of longstanding professional burnout, accumulated personal loss + my conditioned idea that placing everyone's needs before my own was a perfectly acceptable way to live and work.  Like many others who choose this route, my wellness suffered in too many ways to count.  

After a slow reluctant shift in mindset, I began to find ways to reset myself through digestible pieces of evidenced-based mindfulness, meditation + trauma-informed movement.  Since then, I continue to crawl, fail and learn in the hopes to share with others the possibilities of progress within this mind-body work. 

The "MN" in MNyoga stands for my initials and my intentional practice of putting myself first.  Keyword = practice.  I believe that choosing what's best for us through present moment experiences might be the best gift we can give back to ourselves, those we serve + the folks we care about. 

Whether you work with me, someone else, or no one at all...please know that how you choose to re-write your own story will always be your superpower. 


P.S. - 

For more in-depth talk about the "why" behind my work, feel free to listen below.

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