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A Nutter Origin Story

Marie 2.JPG

"Another origin story?  How original.  Who do you think you are trying to offer me another way to approach life or work?  And this picture?  WTF??  How am I supposed to take you seriously with fire wings on your back and a last name like Nutter??"


I get it.  I would say the same damn thing.  And have....about myself + others before.  Depending on your day or night, you might even see my re-purposed picture of post-traumatic growth by Daniel Sundahl (first responder + internationally known artist) as either being kickass, cheesy, or down right pretentious.  


So here's me in a nutshell...I don't own mystical powers or the ability to magically deflect bullshit headed my way.  The truth of the matter is...We ALL have the capacity to find one step closer to rising above our current personal or professional flames.  We just might not know that yet. 


"MNyoga" was born from a place of longstanding burnout, accumulated loss, our pandemic experience + my conditioned idea that placing everyone's needs before my own was a perfectly acceptable way to live and work.  Like many others, my wellness suffered in too many ways to count. 

After a reluctant shift in mindset, I slowly found ways to reset myself through digestible pieces of evidenced-based mindfulness, meditation + trauma-informed movement.  Since then, I continue to crawl, fail and learn in the hopes to share with others the possibilities of progress within this mind-body work. 

The "MN" in MNyoga stands for my initials and my intentional practice of putting myself first.  Keyword = practice.  I believe that choosing what's best for us through present moment experiences might be the best gift we can give back to ourselves, those we serve + the folks we care about. 

Whether you work with me, someone else, or no one at all...please know that how you choose to write your own story will always be your superpower. 


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