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"Your Body @ Work"

Navigating the Stress in Your Day

Lets be real.  There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe the undescribable parts of our workday that we might see, hear, smell, taste, touch or feel.  These are the predictable or unforeseeable (small + BIG) moments that can happen anytime due to the nature of our work that can leave a temporary mark on us at best, or wreak havoc on our spirit at its worst.

Did we sign up for this?  Heck yea.  Did we know that these work experiences might change us over time to no fault of our own?  Heck no.

Whether we identify it as "critical incident stress," "trauma exposure," or some other form of impact from what we do...we all process our line of work in different ways.  Some healthy, some not so much.  No judgement either way.

This workshop is one way to process what we may unintentionally carry into the next day.

Together, we might better understand where we tend to hold stress in our bodies while we try to reset ourselves in real-time through guided options of movement or rest.  Keyword here is "try."  Practicing to find your version of balance will always be a work in progress, and this can be a new start of many.

As a former non-believer in self-care, yoga, and all things "touchy feely," my goal isn't to convince you that any of this is for you.  The intention of this work is to possibly support an opportunity for you to reset + restore yourself on your terms.

Length of workshop, timing, place, and class type, are a few ways we can personalize your group experience.

Let’s Work Together

Reach out when you're ready.

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