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Welcome to
"Trauma @ Work"

Your 8 Class Yoga Series

Within each tailored trauma-informed yoga + meditation class...


We'll informally speak to varying trauma exposure responses we might accrue from the line of work that we do, share relatable info about our body + mind, and give practical tips in how to possibly reset ourselves anywhere, anytime. 


In other words... we might hope to learn about ourselves and how our work can effect us while we move + breathe together.


As a nurse + yoga instructor who's been trained to respond to emergencies while trying to stay calm, I still continue to fight off the effects of burnout and secondary trauma within my work. 


I'll speak to personal and professional experiences, evidenced-based ways to de-stress, and practical ways we can find longevity within our health + career.

Based on interest, this series could be offered weekly, bi-weekly, every other week, or monthly as a budget friendly way to reset your team on your terms.  

Length of class time, in-person vs. online, or mat vs. non-mat offerings are additional ways to customize your choice in series offering.

Want to do all 8 but only have the time or budget for 1 or a few? 


I'm open if you are. 


Creating the perfect amount of focused attention to the workshop you'd like to experience is up to you!

Let’s Work Together

Reach out when you're ready.

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